This is what you mean when you say "I'll do anything for my kids" - even put on the crown hat.  But it's a good look & might catch on.


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Riding in comfort & style.  This is the life, huh?

Happy 4th of July!
​The parade participants begin to assemble.

The finish is in sight and so is some barbecue.

The parade rounds the bend & heads for home.

Walking a bit faster now - I think I can smell barbecue!

A 4th of July classic photo.

As a result of eating this barbecue your tongue will be so happy it could slap your brain clean out, so be careful.  John caters to all kinds of events and he also sells the barbecue by the pound so give him a call.  And he sells his own homemade sauce (sweet or hot) which he is very picky about and, guess what,  it is also the best you have ever tasted.  If you have an event & you need someone to cater the barbecue or you just want to buy a pound or so, now you know who to call - John Whetstine of "Heat Hog Smokers" at 404-456-9287 or you can email him at

Apalachee Pool Fun

More pool fun

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And just look at these decorations.

Two future olympic swimmers hangin' out.

She's ready to get this thing rolling.

The "No Airport Expansion" petition.

Welcome to....

A little peace and quiet...
With a little something for everyone

Barbecue - now do I have your attention?  I thought so.

Let's say a few words about the barbecue and the man who makes it - John Whetstine.  John is a Gwinnett County firefighter who lives in Apalachee Heritage so many of you may already know him.The finish is in sight and so is some barbecue.But John is also an artist, a real genuine barbecue pro who makes some of the best barbecue you have ever tasted.