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At the 2015 annual HOA meeting, homeowners asked the Board to find ways to increase revenue without increasing fees. The Board also heard the resentment expressed by many of you regarding those who enjoy the benefits provided by Apalachee Heritage but do not pay their share. The Board takes your comments/concerns seriously and will be taking action in an attempt to resolve this issue. 

The Board has decided to increase the collection efforts to encourage everyone to pay their dues on time. The annual dues provide the revenue to cover expenses necessary to operate the Community. If homeowners do not pay their dues, the cost to operate the Community falls on the shoulders of those who do. Several homeowners have mentioned that they did not want to see their fees increase because others did not pay at all. The Board has aggressively pursued collecting old past due amounts, and even though we have been somewhat successful, the legal costs have constantly risen. 

To address this, effective May 1, 2015, all past due accounts will immediately be transferred to Georgia Assessment Recovery for collection. Previously ACS was handling this initial phase of the collection process "in house". They worked the account until the Board felt our only alternative was to assign the past due account to the legal team. The legal route is expensive to the Community and very expensive to the homeowner as we attempt to collect through the court system. 

In addition to using Georgia Assessment Recovery for the small balance past due accounts, we will also begin using a more aggressive law firm to handle those accounts with larger unpaid balances. We feel it is necessary to try something different to increase collections and reduce the constantly rising legal costs. If all homeowners paid and paid on time it would be a tremendous help. Until then we must take whatever steps necessary to address this as effectively and responsibly as possible for the Community. 

Therefore, if you have an unpaid balance on your account, please contact ACS and make arrangements to resolve that balance before the accounts are turned over to Georgia Assessment Recovery on May 1 , 2015-- you will save the additional cost accessed to you by the collection company. ​