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Forms, Documents - Here you will find all the current Apalachee Heritage H.O.A. forms and documents.

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H.O.A. Bylaws & Amendments to the Bylaws

Apalachee Heritage H.O.A. Bylaws

Amendment 1 to Apalachee Heritage H.O.A. Bylaws (increases size of Board of Directors from 3 to 5 members)


H.O.A. Protective Covenants & Amendments

Apalachee Heritage H.O.A. Protective Covenants

Amendment 1 to Apalachee Heritage Covenants (submission to Ga. P.O.A. Act)

Letter explaining what the submission to the Georgia P.O.A. Act means

​!!! PLEASE NOTE !!!

​The Second Amendment to the Apalachee Heritage H.O.A.'s Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements was successfully passed and subsequently has been recorded with the Clerk of Superior Court, Gwinnett County on October 11, 2013.  This amendment passed with 295 of all homeowners (420) voting in favor of the amendment and only 37 votes were cast against it.  A total of 332 votes were cast equaling a 79% participation rate thus achieving a quorum which requires a minimum of 25% as set forth in our Covenants.  Conversely, about 21% or 88 homeowners did not cast a vote.  The measure was approved by a factor of 8 to 1 counting just votes that were cast (88.9% FOR vs. 11.1% AGAINST). The margin using all homeowners (420) as a basis is essentially the same - 70.2% of all homeowners being for it and 8.8% of all homeowners voting against.  The threshold that is necessary for amendment passage is 2/3 of all homeowners which requires 280 votes so this number was surpassed by 15 votes.

​It is now up to all homeowners and potential home buyers to make sure they understand this important amendment and to comply with it.

Amendment 2 to Apalachee Heritage Covenants - (implements leasing restrictions and controls - places 15% cap and 2 year residency requirement)