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Apalachee Heritage Green Space & Trails

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One of our unique amenities is the nearly 80 acres of HOA owned protected green space that surrounds our community.  This natural area includes 3 scenic hiking trails that total about 3 miles in length.  Two of the trails follow along the banks of the Apalachee River in many places.  The trails are very visibly marked with a distinctive "blaze" that is unique for each trail - either a blue diamond, a red circle or a yellow square depending on which trail you are hiking.  All of this green space is protected by a Deed of Conservation Easement held by the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust so it cannot be disturbed, developed, used for commercial purposes, etc.  The protective measures also ban many activities that would diminish the natural beauty and attractiveness of this area such as prohibiting motorized vehicles throughout the green space.  Please take a moment to view the short slide show below which showcases some of the scenic splendor of this area in all 4 seasons.  Our green space can be enjoyed throughout the year by all residents in good standing.  There are just a few simple posted rules that must be followed so that our green space can continued to be enjoyed by all:

There are 3 trail heads along Gran Heritage Way each with trail maps and limited parking.  There is no overnight parking allowed at the trail heads and this parking is for trail use only.

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